Bullfighting. Art or bloodsport? A trip to Madrid’s Las Ventas bullring – WIS018

This week an episode on Spain’s most controversial tradition, bullfighting.
During the show I attend a ‘corrida’ at Madrid’s Las Ventas bullring with a Spanish friend to see this ancient spectacle in the flesh. I didn’t enjoy or agree with what I witnessed, that I expected. But I wanted to see if I could understand why others are so passionate about it.  A few things surprised me about the bullfight.
In the episode I also attempt to trace the origins and history of the Spanish bullfight and look at the state of bullfighting in Spain today, popularity, legality, politics and funding. I also examine the arguments from those who are for and against.
What’s the future for this notoriously bloody ritual of man versus animal?

La Ventas, Madrid

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