Trains in Spain and a trip on the AVE from Madrid to Barcelona – WIS019

IN episode 19 of the When in Spain podcast show I talk trains – my favourite way to travel.
Sit back and enjoy the ride as I take us on a trip from Madrid to Barcelona on Spain’s high speed train, the AVE (Alta Velocidad Española).
From Madrid’s Atocha station with its indoor jungle to Barcelona’s modern Sants terminal, I describe the journey as we rocket across Spain at nearly 300 km p/h.
I look at routes, destinations, tickets, prices, how to book and give advice on how to get the best value across the rail network.
Links & resources for AVE/Train bookings:
And a fantastic website with tonnes of info on train travel in Spain:
AVE ticket classes: Turista (Most basic & cheapest, non-refundable) Turista+ (partially refundable) Preferente (First Class includes a meal & wine).
All of the above ticket classes come with an option of ‘flexible’ which means the ticket can be used on different trains for departure and return – you’re not tied to a specific time. Also, all of the above ticket classes sometimes offer promo or promo+. These are the discounted fairs which are real bargain but not always available.
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