Ben Curtis and Marina Diez from Notes in Spanish – WIS017

Spanish podcast pioneers, Ben Curtis, an Englishman from Oxford and Marina Diez, a native Madrileña have run the Notes in Spanish podcast since 2006 for all Spanish language learners. They also produced the Notes from Spain podcast series about Spanish life and culture.

Ben and Marina and their podcasts were a huge inspiration for me when deciding to embark on a new life in Spain and indeed to start this, my very own podcast show When in Spain.

I had the great pleasure of meeting up with them in Madrid to talk about their life in Spain and how the country has changed since Ben first arrived here twenty years ago to teach English. We talk about the ups and downs of bi-cultural and bilingual relationships, observations on Spanish life, the things we miss from back home and favourite places in Madrid. We also ask the questions does living in a foreign country change who we are? And is there a specific type of personality that’s suited to building a life abroad?

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  1. Great podcast Paul! Just purchased Ben and Marina’s “Notes in Spanish” for beginners bit different from Duolingo but going to keep trying. Making me very jealous sitting in Oxford watching rain running down the window listening to all the going’s on around you! The clinck of coffees cups.

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