Siesta & fiesta! What’s up with Spain’s crazy daily routine!? – WIS016

Evening meals at 11pm! Two-hour lunch breaks! Hitting bars until 7am!

In this episode I try to stay awake to look at Spain’s daily routine, timetables, mealtimes and work schedules and try to work out if Spaniards really do ever sleep.
I examine the history of the infamous Spanish siesta (Think ancient Rome, Franco and the Spanish Civil War) and find out of it really does still exist or has just become a tired stereotype.
I discuss my struggles with eating dinner at inhumane hours of the night. I also examine research and find out why the Spanish work such long hours and yet are some of the least productive in Europe and find out why Spain is in the wrong timezone. There are moves to move it back an hour. Will it happen?
Can the rhythm of Spanish life can ever be harmonised with other European countries…?
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