12 Favourite Madrid Streets – Exploding Markets, Weddings, Poodles, Pride, Tapas, Art & Piss!

According to the Madrid City Hall, El Ayuntamiento de Madrid the Spanish capital has 9,139 streets. This week I explore a handful of them with Spain travel consultant, Karen Rosenblum. No, we don’t walk all 9,139 of them, but on our wander around the Spanish capital between us we compile a list of our top 12 favourite streets.
We chose the them based on their quirky character, physical beauty, interesting history and curious and amusing stories behind them. (Think famous writers peeing in dooways…!)
Karen Rosenblum from San Francisco who has been living in Madrid for a number of years and has worked in the travel industry for more than 20 years – and Karen works as a travel consultant who puts together bespoke itineraries for anyone coming to visit and travel in Spain that take people of the beaten path.
Check out her TravelSpain! Facebook group and her new website spainlesstraveled.com
Our 12 favourite Madrid streets: 
Calle del Codo
Calle de la Pasa
Plaza de Olavide
Calle de Meson de Paredes
Calle de Olivar
Calle Jorge Juan
Calle de Velarde
Plaza de Zerolo
Plaza Pontejos
Calle de Leon
Calle de Embajadores
Calle de Ibiza

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