Secrets of the Menú del Día – The history & future of Spain’s lunchtime meal deal

Join me and journalist, Fiona Govan from The Local news website as we eat our way through a Menú del Día – Spain’s great value fixed-price lunch menu which you can find in pretty much any restaurant in Spain, although often tourists and visitors are not sure what it is or what it includes.

Find out about one of Spain’s traditional foodie phenomenons as we talk about the format of El Menú, what it usually includes and how much it usually costs.

We also examine some intriguing history behind El Menú del Día which was originally introduced for tourists by General Franco’s government in the 1960s.

We also talk about the future of the lunchtime tradition and ask the question is its future safe in the wake of many family restaurant closures across Spain. Also stay tuned to hear an interesting anecdote about why paella is sometimes included in a Menú del Día on Thursdays…

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