Sounds that make you sound Spanish – ¡Buah! ¡Anda! ¡Hala! ¡Uy! ¡Puf!

Want to sound super Spanish? I run through ten useful and fun Spanish interjections that you can pepper your conversations with to help express yourself even more clearly when you’re chatting en español. ¡Anda!

When I first started learning Spanish and hanging around with native speakers I kept hearing these noises that popped up in conversations and always wondered what they meant. I’ll look at some of the most common interjections and make comparisons with English and give you some examples.

In the second half of the episode I’ll run through nineteen really useful muletillas (‘little crutches’) or filler words, as we call them in English. These will make you sound very natural when speaking Spanish and also give you more time to think about what to say next! 

Vamos a ver!