A day trip to Brihuega’s lavender fields and Guadalajara

Join Karina, me and friends, Adam and Ollie, for a day trip to the charming medieval town of Brihuega and its beautiful lavender fields. A slice of Provence right in the centre of Spain!

Brihuega is famous in Spain for its lavender cultivation and surprisingly, it is one of the world’s major producers of lavender products, including lavender oil which is used by one of the big Spanish perfume brands.

But, away from the lavender fields, we discovered that Brihuega has much more to offer than Instagramable photos of purple hillsides. Find out about the town’s turbulent history, Moorish past, former royal cloth factory, secret tunnels and relaxing fountains. The perfect day trip from Madrid!

We also stop off in the city of Guadalajara to explore what it has to offer. (Compared to Brihuega, not very much we discovered!) Listen for yourself in the episode…