The Walking Museum of The Spanish Civil War with Nick Lloyd

Writer, historian and guide, Nick Lloyd walks us through Barcelona to explore the history of the Spanish Civil War and the city’s relationship with this dark chapter from Spain’s past.

Nick guides around the key locations in the Catalan capital which hold historical significance and reveals some chilling stories of death and destruction. He also describes the walking tour that he runs in Barcelona and how some of his guests inspired him to start collecting fascinating artefacts which help him tell the story of the Spanish Civil War.

Nick gives us a comprehensive overview of the key events, players and locations and talks about themes such as the defeat of the military rebellion in Barcelona, the militias, the libertarian revolution, revolutionary violence vs Francoist violence, anarchism, George Orwell and the bombing of Barcelona.

We also talk about the lack of a museum dedicated to the Spanish Civil War and talk about whether plans to create one in the future will ever come to fruition.

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