Spain’s liquid gold: olive oil adventures with Lucas Soler

We transport ourselves to the majestic olive groves of Jaén to talk all about Spanish olive oil with special guest and olive oil aficionado, Lucas Soler.

Lucas was born in Barcelona but even though he has spent nearly all of his life in the US, olive oil has always remained in his blood. Since a young age ‘liquid gold’ has been a staple of his diet. When Lucas’s mother bought an olive grove for the family in Almería 25 years ago, his passion for olive oil was re-ignited. Faced with a lack of good quality EVOO (Extra Virgin Olive Oil) in the US, Lucas spotted a businesses opportunity. He set up his own company called Olive Oil Grove where he imports the best possible quality Spanish Extra Virgin Olive Oil to the US market.

In the episode Lucas talks us through the different grades of olive oil, the health benefits and what you should look for when choosing great quality Spanish olive oil. We even do a virtual transatlantic olive oil tasting where we compared notes on the Picual Extra Virgin Olive Oil that Lucas has sourced from a grove in Jaén following a trip there last year in the midst of the lockdown – a story he also shares in the episode. Lucas also dazzles us with some truly incredible facts and figures about Spanish olive oil and I run through the ancient history of olives and olive oil to find out how it became so popular in Spain.

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One thought on “Spain’s liquid gold: olive oil adventures with Lucas Soler

  1. Great episode! I learned so much about olive oil from this episode. I immediately ordered two bottles of Lucas’s olive oil. Excellent and quick service. Loved the olive oil. Been putting it on everything…..well not EVERYTHING.
    Paul, I’ve been following your podcast for the last two years and I still am like a kid at Christmastime whenever a new episode pops up. Thank you for your continued hard work to bring Spain to life for those of us stuck at home.
    I would like to recommend reaching out to Paddy Davis, Australian, former Insight Vacations tour guide, who impressed me so much during my 2018 whirlwind tour of all of Spain and Portugal. He can be reached at and on Instagram.
    Stay safe my friend.

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