Starting from zero in Spain at 70 – The personal story of Hollywood director & author Marsha Scarbrough

Thinking about moving to Spain? Think it’s too late?  Join me to hear the inspirational story from Marsha Scarbrough who proves it’s never too late to say yes to a new life in Spain.

Marsha left her native California to start afresh in Madrid when she was 70 years old after losing everything in the 2008 financial crisis and declaring herself bankrupt.

Marsha spent 20 years working as an assistant director on films and network TV shows in Hollywood but by the time she hit 50 se knew she wanted to leave the LA rat-race behind. In 2017 she moved to Madrid and has never looked-back.

I caught up with Marsha in the barrio of Chamberí that she now calls home. Marsha shares her experience of making the move, we talk paperwork, visas, healthcare, finding somewhere to live and much more. She also gives us some insights into life in Madrid and Spain and her favourite places in the Spanish capital.

Also find out how Marsha found herself plastered across the Spanish press when she first arrived in Madrid – think Donald Trump!

Later in the episode Marsha talks about her award-winning memoirs Medicine Dance and Honey in the River. 

Find out more about Marsha on her website and check out the International Living website that Marsha writes for here

Interested in her books? You can find them here on Amazon