The Basque Country with David Bumstead

Drizzle, green hills, pintxos, cider, pelota & bull running. We must be talking The Basque Country!

Tucked into the corner of northeastern Spain, País Vasco, or as it is known in the regional Basque language, Euskadi is one of the lesser-known Spains for many. To talk us through the landscape, cities, beaches, language, traditions and food and drink is David Bumstead. David moved to San Sebastian from the UK in 1983 and never left.

Join us as we explore this unique corner of Spain and everything it has to offer.

In the episode David talks us through the landscape, cities, beaches and countryside of The Basque Country. We also delve into Basque language and traditions, including pelota and bull running in Pamplona. Of course, we talk food and drink, from pintxos to the region´s renowned yet secretive gastronomic societies. We round off the episode looking at ETA and its history and how Basques feel about it today.

Useful links and places mentioned in the episode:


Guggenheim –



Gernika Peace Museum –


San Sebastián

International Film Festival






Inland walking

Txindoki Mountain

Parque Natural Aralar


Txakoli Wine

Basque Cider Houses –


Pamplona – San Fermin (Running of the Bulls) –

Film and TV


Ocho Apellidos Vascos (Spanish Affair)

La Línea Invisible


  • Kaixo = Hello / Agur = Goodbye

  • Bai = Yes / Ez = No

  • Eskerrik asko = Thank you

  • Mesedez = Please

  • Zenbat balio du? = How much?

  • Ez dut ulertzen = don’t understand

  • Bi garagardo = two beers

  • Ezkerra = left / Eskuina = right

  • Ba al dakizu ingelesez? = Do you speak English?

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2 thoughts on “The Basque Country with David Bumstead

  1. Thanks Paul. One of the best so far. Very well structured, and your guest was highly informed and knowledgable, making for a very entertaining show.

    I too am yet to visit, however, a Welsh friend made his cultural connection a number of years ago – as you discuss – and he introduced me to pintxos culture 20 years ago in a popular Basque bar in the city centre of Valencia.

  2. I am new to When In Spain, but this is perhaps the best of the half dozen or so episodes I have listened to. Well edited and chock-full of information. I have visited Pais Vasco many times (and have some Spanish “family” there from my time as an exchange student decades ago). I feel pretty well-versed in its history and culture, but I still learned a great deal, thanks to your excellent guest. I would like to get the name of the British historian you referenced — not Niall Ferguson, but the other fellow. Thanks!

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