20 things you should and shouldn’t do in Spain – Insights for an authentic Spanish experience!

A round up of do’s and don’ts to make your experience in Spain as authentic and enjoyable as possible.

Spain, like any country when we’re not too familiar with it at first, can feel complicated and overwhelming. Especially when we don’t have any kind of cultural compass to guide us along the way.

Whether you visiting Spain on holiday or coming to live and work here, I share my personal insights and experience gained over the years of living in Madrid to help you get the best out of Spain. Have a listen to some of the cultural faux-pas I made so you don’t have to!

I run through 20 things you should and shouldn’t do when your visiting or living in Spain so that you can be in sync with locals, integrate with the pace of life and live a truly authentic Spanish experience.

In this episode I run through timetables and timekeeping, what not to eat and drink and what typical delicacies you should definitely try before you leave and where to buy them. Speaking of food, I give some pointers on dinner table etiquette in Spain and what conversation topics you might not want to get into – depending how well you know your hosts.

I look at tipping, indulging in a leisurely sobremesa, going for a pre-dinner paseo and how to address elderly people when you give up your seat for them on a crowded bus.

When the weather heats up should you wear flip-flops around the city? Is it ok to wear shorts everywhere? And when do you change from your Winter to Summer wardrobe? Plus, why shouldn´t you do anything on Tuesday the 13th – if you are superstitious? And finally, the Spanish Civil War. Should you even bring it up? Find out in the episode…