Granada – Spain’s Moorish heart with Marta Sánchez from Bite Granada

In this episode, I’m joined by native Granaína Marta Sanchéz to find out everything you need to know about the must-visit Spanish city of Granada.

Marta is a tour guide and runs her own Granada walking tour company, Bite Granada. we take a virtual walk around this, one of Spain’s most captivating cities which oozes the essence of Al-Andalus. In fact it’s known as the Moorish city.

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We begin our tour in Granada’s bustling Plaza Bib-Rambla, from there we cut through the Alcaicería, an Arabic-style bazaar composed of narrow alleyways, which takes us to the cathedral, La Santa Iglesia Catedral Metropolitana de la Encarnación de Granada. It’s the largest and first renaissance cathedral in Spain.

We gaze at its lavish gold and white interior, famous for its stained-glass domed chapel. Next door we stop into the Elaborate Royal chapel, a mausoleum for Catholic royalty, including Ferdinand & Isabella. Just over the road we stick our heads into the Palacio de la Madraza, a University cultural center opened in a former Moorish school built in the 1300s.

We then head up into the Albaicín, Granada’s oldest neighbourhood and old Moorish heart of Granada, this steep, whitewashed warren of narrow alleys has barely changed in a thousand years. Next, the Mirador de San Nicolás to admire the magical views of the Alhambra just across the valley.

Next we step inside the Alhambra and  transport ourselves to the era of the Nasrids. Marta explains the significance of this medieval citadel which includes the palace of Charles V, the Alcázaba and the garden palace of El Generalife with its tranquil gardens.

Finally we talk food and Marta tempts us with traditional granada sweets including the local cake called Pío Nono. She also shares some of her favourite places to eat and drink including Casa Julio and La Tana.

If you are planning a trip to Granada in the future check out the walking tours that Marta offers right here:  and her Instagram 

She has also just started virtual tours of Granada on her new YouTube Channel Biting Granada.

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