Winter warmth in Gran Canaria – Exploring Canary Island life with Alex Bramwell

In this episode I take you with me as I escape the winter blues and head to Las Palmas on Gran Canaria with Karina in search of winter warmth for the New Year.

I meet up with Gran Canaria-born photographer and all-round Canary Island expert, Alex Bramwell to explore what Gran Canaria and the other Canary Islands have to offer.

Alex tells me about the Islands´history, the best beaches to visit, the most dramatic hiking routes to take, and what food to try. We also touch on Gran Canaria´s economy and of course one of the world´s biggest carnivals which takes place every February on the island.

Alex runs a website dedicated to all things Gran Canaria, so if you´re planning a trip to the island check out this wealth of information about what to see and do including Alex´s photography and videos.  

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