Lost & Found in Spain: Tales of An Ambassador’s Wife

I speak to Susan Solomont about her new book Lost & Found in Spain – Tales of an Ambassador’s Wife.

When Susan’s husband, Alan Solomont was appointed US Ambassador to Spain under President Obama, she left her career in philanthropy, her friends and family to join her husband for three-and-a-half-years in Madrid.

In this episode Susan tells me about life at and the US embassy in Madrid and its inner workings, how she found a new identity in Spain and how she created a purposeful role for herself by creating the Women’s Leadership Network for Spanish women in business.
Susan also recalls when she met Rafa Nadal and spent Semana Santa with Antonio Banderas. We also talk favourite places in Spain and of course food, and Susan shares her experience of dining at El Bulli – twice!
Check out Susan Solomont’s webpage: www.susansolomont.com
Get a copy of Susan’s book Lost and Found in Spain – Tales of An Ambassador’s Wife:  https://amzn.to/2LAhxiF

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