Spanish Beer – Brands, Bars and how to order like a native – WIS013

Cerveza! Yes, a whole episode dedicated to beer! Salud! Spain is the 4th biggest beer producer in Europe and the 10th biggest in the world.
But, ordering a beer can be a confusing experience. Do you order a caña or a tubo? What’s the difference between a copa and a doble? How big is a tanque? Can I just order a pint? Maybe. Beers in Spain come in all shapes and sizes, and how you order them will often depend what region, city or bar you’re in.
I try to clear up the confusion in this episode by hitting some bars and drinking some beers.
All in the name of research of course!
I also look at the regional beer brands found across Spain and find Málaga’s Victoria beer on tap in the centre of Madrid, to my surprise. I chat to a butcher turned bar owner about people’s changing tastes and find a craft beer store that caters to Spain’s increasing demand for more exotic flavours.
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Beer brands in Spain


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