Teaching English in Spain WIS007

Ever contemplated ditching the 9-5 office job and escaping to sunnier climes to teaching English abroad?

In this episode I interview friend and fellow EFL teacher Liam Hoofe about teaching English as a foreign language in Spain. We compare notes about our experiences in the classroom, job hunting and teaching English around the world.

We offer advice on how to get into teaching EFL, what qualifications you need, how much you can expect to earn, the different places where you can teach in Spain such as private academies, the state education system, private classes and the ‘auxiliar’ program, We chat about what the work-life balance is like and the kind of hours you can expect to work.

As always, we’ll look at the difficulties and drawbacks like cowboy academies, worthless contracts and working late.

Here are some useful resources for anyone interested in finding out more about becoming and EFL teacher in Spain.

Dave’s ESL Cafe

Lingo Bongo

The TEFL show

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